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John T. Cullen in San Diego Harbor late one summer afternoonSan Diego Author: Sunshine and Peace. During a lifetime of living in several European countries and several U.S. states, I've become a grateful San Diego resident and author (home of record since 1974). It's a great place to live, a great base for travel, and always a wonderful home to return to. Many of my novels and stories have a footprint in this Sunny City, including some San Diego Noir suspense thrillers.

There have been dark moments in our city's history as well, like the famous 1892 true crime and ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado across the Bay. For now, linking to those special websites will be the focus of my San Diego Author website. More info soon.

clickCoronado Mystery Website. I have written at least three books about this 1892 true crime that gave us the notorious ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado. I have also created three linked websites, whose main anchor is the Coronado Mystery website. That includes a lot of info: especially what I call the Lottiepedia. Click on the image at right and open in a new window.

Coronado Mystery. After I retired to devote myself to writing, editing, and publishing (Clocktower Books and more), I took a part-time job as a shuttle driver at the world-famous Hotel del Coronado from 2006-2008. It was a fun job, meeting a lot of interesting people, and driving amid sunshine, fresh air, and scenic locations. I had a particularly great time explaining local details to passengers who had come from all over the world to enjoy San Diego. The most persistent questions were about the famous ghost legend, based on a true crime in 1892 involving the so-called Beautiful Stranger. That became an instant national sensation in 1892, driven by the 'internet' of their time: the telegraph, as used by the scandal-mongering Yellow Press. As a hobby and sideline, I read the hotel's official book about that unsolved mystery, did some additional research of my own, and came to a plausible, startling, and satisfying set of conclusions. I believe I finally solved the mystery, and I've written three books about it so far.


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