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= Quick Summary of Experience =

Started as a Child and Teenage Author

About Fifty Books. I've written so many books over the years that I've lost count, especially because a handful remain unpublished (including some that were just practice).

Professional Writer/Editor. I became a professional writer (and editor) at 17 (summer intern newspaper reporter on The New Haven (CT) Journal-Courier, a metro daily in New England; funny thing is that I had to take an evening off for my high school graduation.

Child/Teenage Poet. I was poet from age seven. By age 18, I had written over 400 poems and was a published poet.

Novelist. I finished my first full-length novel at age 19 while a sophomore English Major at the University of Connecticut. I wrote the first of many short stories earlier, in high school. More about these things, and much else, as I build out this website.

Other. Those are only a few quick highlights. Virtually every job I have ever held turned into a writing job. That includes my six years in the U.S. Army, serving at a major logistics headquarters in Cold War Germany, and it includes a subsequent 30+ years in technical writing with aerospace and computer systems development firms back in CONUS. Those are still just highlights.